Chase Limited Edition

Published : 07/04/2020 05:59:49
Categories : The Funko Pop

Chase Limited Edition

In each box of 6 distributed by Funko to resellers, this type of figurine is present in a single copy: they are therefore much rarer figurines.

The Chase version is the only figurine in the box to have a "Chase Limited Edition" sticker. However, it has the same packaging and the same number as the other 5 figurines.

Funko initially distributed them in lower proportions (one in 36).

Visually, a chase version is a variant with minimal differences compared to the classic version, like elements painted in another color or with a different finish (metallic, phosphorescent for the figurines "glows in the dark", flocked texture).

A Chase version is often produced from the same mold as the figurine of which it is the variant. Note however that a figurine does not necessarily have its counterpart in Chase version.

Due to their rarity, a Chase figurine is more difficult to find and has more value than a classic figurine.

This is the meaning of the English word "chase": you will have to look for, track down, hunt these figurines on the shelves of stores.

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