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Schlüsselanhänge Yummy World Pretzel von Kidrobot

Figuren Kidrobot Schlüsselanhänge Yummy World Pretzel von Kidrobot Genf Shop Schweiz Vergrößern

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Grösse : 4 cm

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A sweet and savory group of friends, this band of Yummy World desserts, breakfast items, and anytime snacks, go on adventures, get into mischief, and have sprinkley delicious fun. 

Hello Yummy World! Nestled in Mocha Mountain Valley is the town of SprinkleTree, a sweet and savory city that the Yummy World friends call home. Deliciously fresh and fun, each Yummy World character has a unique personality, big googley-eyes, and perky smile. With products in a range of sizes and materials, it’s a whole world of delightful and delectable fun! 

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