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Dunny Codename Unknown 12.5 cm von Sekure D

Figuren Kidrobot Dunny Codename Unknown 12.5 cm von Sekure D Genf Shop Schweiz Vergrößern


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Designer : Sekure D

Grösse : 12.5 cm (5 inch)

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Codename Unknown by Sekure D is the debut Dunny from Kidrobot’s Emerging Artist Series. This Dunny is also the first of its size! Codename Unknown stands 5” tall (12.5 cm)and features the vibrant and colorful artwork of Sekure D.

Mathew Fabris, also known as Sekure D lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. In 2006 he was losing himself in his sneaker addiction and in the ultimate attempt to stand out begun to customize his own sneakers in order to have the most limited of limited releases, the 1 of a kind. What began as just a hobby quickly evolved into a full time job in art and creative direction. Specializing in design and collaborative projects Matt involves himself in the full product life cycle from the Concept Development through to the Social Media and Marketing Strategy.

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