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Dunny 12.5 cm Half Ray von Jason Freeny

Figuren Kidrobot Dunny 12.5 cm Half Ray von Jason Freeny Genf Shop Schweiz Vergrößern


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Designer : Jason Freeny

Grösse : 12.5 cm (5 inch)

Beschränkt auf : 1000 Stück

You’ve gotten the full view, time to cut it in half! Kidrobot and Jason Freeny team up for an anatomical view of the newer 12.5 cm Dunny! Crafted in Freeny’s anatomical style the 12.5 cm Half Ray Dunny shows off half of the innerworkings of one of Kidrobot’s most recognizable platforms. Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, collect one today to add some x-ray vision to your collection! Kidrobot has previously worked with Jason Freeny on the 20 cm Visible Dunny and the wildly popular Anatomical Wabbit.

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