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Kidrobot Nightriders Rilla von Nathan Jurevicius (Ohne Verpackung)

Figuren Kidrobot Kidrobot Nightriders Rilla von Nathan Jurevicius (Ohne Verpackung) Genf Shop Schweiz Vergrößern

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Designer : Nathan Jurevicius

Land : Australien

Grösse : 7 cm (3 inch)

Limited edition

Box offen.

Nightriders are a particular breed of nocturnal bird spirits that wander between the supernatural world and earth-bound gods, communicating with unseen.

These supra normal beings are the creation of Nathan Jurevicius , a Canadian based Australian artist whose diverse range of work has appeared in numerous publications, advertising campaigns, and galleries around the world. Nathan is also well known for his Scarygirl universe.

Kidrobot is extremely pleased to reveal his unique vision of the Nightriders on our popular 7.5 cm platforms. Will you be the one to communicate with the rare chase figure? Dive into realms spectacular and find out with Nightriders!

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