The Designer Toyz.

This design figures that are created or customized by artists are mostly related to urban culture and published in limited editions. Therefore, graphic designers, fashion designers, web designers, graffiti artists, illustrators ... worldwide fames are placing their stamp on 3D plastic

Artistically, the Designer Toy is a creative new media for artists. Indeed, the figures allow the expression of a unique style by a research on materials, colors and a clean aesthetic to each designer. The Designer Toys enables us to discover the creative world of an artist in an unusual way and can be considered works of art.

The Toys are also entirely linked to an alternative culture of our time. The artists contributing to this movement are mainly from the new arts such as multimedia. Disciplines that are becoming increasingly important in our digital era and whose artistic expression is still not recognized as mainly exercised in the business.

To protect the artwork of the creators of these figures, they are produced in limited editions (100-2000 copies). Thus, worldwide Designers Toys enthusiasts are fighting over their limited copies of their favorite artists to collect them. Some models are edited in very limited editions, even unique ones, and the values can take enormous proportions. Thus Designers Toys are subject to auction and the web allows communication between collectors. 

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