Our secure offers of payment with PostFinance

You can use:
- BVR (Poste services)

- Bank transfer 

- Credit card Visa
- Credit card MasterCard
- Card PostFinance
- PostFiance e-finance

Secure payment by card

The data of your credit card are coded thanks to the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and never stay on the network. The payment is directly made with the bank. CharacterStation does not have any account access, and does not keep them on its servers. That is why they are always asked in every new transaction on our site. The payment is made on the banking server secured by our partner PostFiance, No banking information concerning you is recorded on the website of CharacterStation.com. The credit card payment is perfectly secured; your order will be recorded and validated from the acceptance of the payment by the bank. Your order will be validated by our banking partner and the sum accorded with the order will be taken. 

Secure payment by BVR and Transfer

You can pay by BVR (Poste services) or by bank transfer to: 

Rue Claudine-Levet 1
1201 Geneva

QR-Invoice : https://www.characterstation.com/QR_Facture_CS.pdf

IBAN CH92 0900 0000 1229 2416 5

Poste account :

Swiss Post - PostFinance

Nordring 8
3030 Bern Switzerland

ClearingN°: 09000

Your order will be reserved during 7 days. After this deadline, without reception of your transfer, your order will be cancelled.

The order will only be treated after reception of your payment on our account.

Clause of property reserve: products remain the property of CharacterStation.com until the complete collection of the order. 

No-payment: CharacterStation keeps the right to refuse to make a delivery or to consider an order from a customer who would not have paid totally or partially a previous order or with whom there would be a problem of payment.

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