oO°    Mystery Concept    °Oo

The Designer Toyz or Artoyz have several concepts coming from this movement. Among them, we offer a brief explanation on the one we call « Mystery Concept »

The principle is quite simple, you find it under many brands or appellations, such as "Qee", "Dunny", "Ciboy", "Trexi" to name a few.

You have the possibility of acquiring boxes, with these products, fully hidden and sealed in the package, which allows for the surprise of which figure but also a chance to discover the hidden figure or the one with a lower ratio.

This concept is then used as a principle or game, according to your criteria, for alternative sales, discovery and exchange by also relying on the fact that these Designer Toyz are also subject to take more value following the artist, the edition quantities or/and rarity.

On www.characterstation.com we offer 2 solutions. To know that you can take possession of these product ranges as "Closed" or "Open". Of course within the limits of available stock, given that they are also of limited series.

If, despite this brief explanation, you are interested in receiving more information about this concept and products available, please contact us by email at the following address: info@characterstation.com

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