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Scaredy Labbit von Amanda Visell (28 cm)

Figuren Scaredy Labbit von Amanda Visell (28 cm) Kidrobot Genf Shop Schweiz Vergrößern

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Designer Amanda Visell

Land : USA

Grösse : 28 x 22 x 16

Limited edition

Kidrobot presents the unique painterly art of Amanda Visell in all its haunting glory, creepily and cutely wrapped around a sturdy 28 cm Labbit…scared of all things that go BOO in the night!

Scaredy Labbit is Amanda Visell’s take on the goofy, cute and pleasantly offbeat Labbit. Scaredy Labbit measures 28 cm and features whimsical ghosts painted on each side. Amanda Visell’s vinyl Scaredy Labbit makes the perfect addition to any collection!

Each piece is hand painted so no two are exactly alike.

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